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"Yuki" 1W Practice Amplifier

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The Yuki is a single-ended class-A EL84 amplifier with 1 watt output into 8 ohms. The design focused on sonics and tone quality rather than power output. As a practice amplifier, it delivers clean tones with a lot of headroom with the GAIN and DRIVE knobs set to midrange. However, you can push either the preamp section or output stage into deep overload and crunch, delivering awesome rock and metal sounds that you normally expect only at ear-bleed volumes (your girlfriend will love you for it). For even more convenience, it has a built-in headphone output.

The power supply uses a huge choke for a very clean and stable B+, then another choke in a parafeed configuration to remove any dc current from the output transformer. This ensures a huge bottom end with no loss of bass performance. You'll hear it when you play; a thick and weighty sound, not that thinned out twang you get from other low powered amps. No feedback is used anywhere in the amplifier.

Sandwiched between the GAIN (preamp) and DRIVE (output) controls is an accurate TONE control to give either bass or treble a 10dB boost/cut. A versatile preamp section offers additional flexibility for sonic variation as it works with several types of tubes. Although optimized for a 12AT7, it also functions perfectly with 12AX7, 12AY7, and 12AU7 tubes (rock to jazz).

The chassis is powder coated aluminum surrounded by a custom hand-finished solid mahogany box with dovetail joinery and a leather handle. Both the 1x10 and 1x12 cabinets are designed to be a perfect fit for the Yuki on top.


1W output power
TONE control
Overload via either GAIN or DRIVE controls
Headphone output
All tube class-A circuitry
Parafeed output
High quality components
Zero feedback design
Made in USA


Output Power:1W
Power Bandwidth:60Hz to 40kHz
Output Impedance:3 ohms
Size:15" x 7" x 8"
Weight:8 lbs


Schematic (27k pdf)

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